Sure it's awesome being tall but there's some problems that we have to deal with time and time again.
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Obviously she’s Wonder Woman. I mean, look at this pose alone. 


Obviously she’s Wonder Woman. I mean, look at this pose alone. 

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So someone, and by “someone” I mean belle-daisy, sent me this volkswagon commercial call “Tall Girl”. It was cute (and summed up a lot of what we go through).

Enjoy! :)

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  • wanting to Date someone my height or taller.. My fellow giants ain’t checkin for me…

This is why I love being 5’9 cause everybody is my height or taller

Chile I was 5’9 in like the 7th grade..

I’m 6’8. I feel your pain.

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Anonymous said: What's the minimum height that you would consider being tall for a girl?

I’m no doctor but personally…hmm…5’6/5’7

5’4-5’5 is considered average…

chanicenykole said: Please do the hook up blog. I'm a 6'1 female and I swear I can't find a guy tall enough :-( And the tall guys we do have are always with some midget of a girl. smh


Tall People Hook Up Blog ‘11

Is it like Shaq and Hoops height difference? Because honestly, I wasn’t mad at that (I giggled for reasons I’m sure you all know why) but I can understand how frustrated you may feel when you do see it. Just don’t let height hinder you of your choice of who you date.

It’s okay to prefer taller (we all do, it’s preference and we’re entitled to it) but it’s completely fine to be open to those who may be just a (wee) bit shorter like those tall guys that have shorter girlfriends.

Did the person(s) behind the creation of basketball ever think that it would be considered a sport for the people that are vertically blessed?

And that it would be one of the most annoying questions asked to those same vertically blessed people?

Submitted/Suggested by: Anonymous

Submitted/Suggested by: Anonymous

oh-jamell said: 6'5" at 17.
Gotta represent for SoCal ;) haha

Tall People Hook Up Blog ‘11

b0ttled-rage said: Finding this blog has made me so much happier.
It's hard being tall, simple as that.
Short people complain, but they can wear heels to make them look taller. But being tall? You have to learn to love it.
I'm so sick of crouching to look normal height. I'm so sick of having to wear flats to every school dance. I'm sick of having to go to certain stores for pants, and having to get XL shirts, when the only reason I get them is so the sleeves are long enough.
But this blog? Helps me love my height. Helps me love myself.
Thankyou, because I'm not alone. There are tall girls everywhere, although I may not be the tallest at 5'10'', I can still relate to all this tall girl problems.

Tall girls are beautiful. We're all beautiful.♥


I’m SO glad that this blog helps you love and embrace le height! SO glad!

appuyer said: I feel bad for anyone who's sad about being tall :( I'm 5'10", and from where I'm from, I'm one of the shortys!

A tall people’s UTOPIA?!